At ASAS Health, we understand the needs of our patients and are always looking for ways to enhance the overall patient experience.

We are proud to introduce the Star Program, an enhanced care program offered to our patients with higher needs. Members of the Star Program will have priority access to our clinics along with enhanced services from our care coordination teams. We focus on improving your quality of life by strengthening the provider and patient partnership through trust, planning and dedication to your health.

The program is divided into three levels, but every level of the Star Program involves complete, dedicated support from our staff:

Every level of the Star program receives a coordinated response from our experienced team of providers including social workers, nutritionists and other guides to a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Patients at all levels will receive a priority pass for appointments. No more long waits, just show your priority pass! Your pass includes direct contact information to your care team – they are always happy to answer any questions about your health journey. Every ASAS Health location is participating, so ask your doctor about the Star Program today!