ASAS Health is committed to laying a healthy foundation. A foundation for health with each of our patients, our community, and our world. Not only does ASAS Health ensure that each of our patients receives the highest quality of care, but we also support others far beyond our clinics' walls.

Dr. Monzer H. Yazji, the founder of ASAS Health, grew up in Syria where service to his community was instilled in him at a young age. He has continued with this commitment throughout his life, even including it in the ASAS Health core values, "Make a Big Impact."

ASAS Health hosts various seminars, classes, and programs for the community. Participating in these events is an excellent way to discover more about our clinics and their services, as well as to connect with fellow community members who share similar interests and concerns.

ASAS Health doctors, providers and staff participate in events throughout South Texas. Many ASAS doctors participate in Walk with a Doc. Walk with a Doc offers free doctor-led walking groups which begin with a brief presentation about a current health topic and then a self-paced walk. These come as you are events provide patients and the local community a causal opportunity to stroll and have one-on-one time with health experts.

Dr. Luis Benavides, from Laredo Premier Healthcare and Drs. Joel L. Solis and Samuel Ramirez, Valley Medical Arts Clinic, regularly lead up Walk with a Doc in their communities.

ASAS also recognizes that the health of a local community cannot exclusively be measured by an annual visit to a doctor. This is why ASAS Health supports local schools, the Diabetes Association, and other community events throughout South Texas.

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When Dr. Yazji is not caring for patients in South Texas, he is caring for patients and educating other providers around the world. Since the 1990s, Dr. Yazji has visited countries in political unrest to care for those in need. These missions have included countries like Africa, Haiti, and Syria.

Recently, Dr. Yazji travelled for the third time to Ukraine. He has connected with large churches and created makeshift medical clinics to treat civilians impacted by the unrest in the country.


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